by Meridian

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Oliver Schiller
Oliver Schiller thumbnail
Oliver Schiller Great groove and a unique sound. The Vocals and the writing are also outstanding in theirs quality. Favorite track: Let Go.
Scumbag thumbnail
Scumbag I'm at a loss at how to properly convey what this sounds like. Perhaps what you'd get if a metal supergroup existed that combined the writing and performing talents of Jordan Rudess, Jesper Strömblad and Mikael Åkerfeldt! Perhaps there are many that would think I'm overselling it with such a statement, but I'll stick with it. And it gets better with every listen! Favorite track: Empty Spaces.
King Jonas the Humble
King Jonas the Humble thumbnail
King Jonas the Humble Sadly the band has split up (2013), but this EP is a great addition to my collection anyway and to yours as well. Four out of five maiming fists of ferocity. Favorite track: Children Of Rust.
Franz Berwein
Franz Berwein thumbnail
Franz Berwein One of the best melodeath albums of all time and I am not even kidding. It's the saddest shame that these guys quit the band. If you love melodeath, this is an absolute MUST to check out. Favorite track: Virocon.
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released May 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Meridian Perth, Australia

Max Ward - Vocals
Tyson Rauh - Guitar
Daniel Harper - Drums
Henry Topley - Keys/Synth/Vocals
Jack Hoffmann - Bass/Vocals

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Track Name: Children Of Rust
We are the children of rust.
Our voices are quiet and meaningless.
Like the chattering of rats.
In dark and squalid corners.
Around our feet, plastic bags
and old newspapers wrap and cling,
like the skin of some dead or dying thing.
Tepid ideals catch flame and blaze in a breath of apathy.
Bright like moons watching;
glowing over the night.
Don't long for the past,
our premodern womb. It was but a prelude,
besides -without us, it loses all meaning.
Track Name: The Sun
Each day is just another day.
Every face, another frame.
I cant take, the way we go astray.

Its not a fear, for want to do better,
neither settle, nor live regretting.
For the moment,
to take back rather than to take in,
everything we had and watch it, fade away.

There's nothing I wouldn't give to,
see some light, in the distance
but then the walls close in and I cant see your face anymore.

Black and white the fantasy lives,
in the eyes of the closed minded,
and closed hearts, that give only short lived perspectives
and spiteful directives.

Open your mind to see the sun.
Remove moral blindness and see what you've done.
Track Name: Virocon
The name echoes no more
and in its place another lies.
Meek and small, where Virocon was tall.

Gone are the great paths
and in their place - not much;
green grass in a golden sunset.

Roads that once went somewhere,
now lead to rough columns of stone;
grey and cold, and dead,
among archways to nowhere


Now only the birds chatter
and the lazy flies linger
over the ruins of a dead empire.
Track Name: Let Go
Let go, just let go,
An axiom of denial.
Let go of it, don't bottle it up,
Don't preach to me you closet psychopath.

Let go of the anger.
The lies, we are told.
Juxtaposed against our own - nature.

Hush little baby don't say a word
mothers gonna smother your fear
and strip away, your humanity.

Because the terror, is a lie, we fool, ourselves.

Let go, just let go,
An axiom of denial.
Let go of it, don't bottle it up,
don't preach to me you closet psychopath.

Let go of the anger.
The lies, we are told.
Juxtaposed against our own nature.
Track Name: Empty Spaces
Together we stand,
divided and all,
on either side of this brick wall.
We built this you and I,
after all brick by phlegmatic brick.
But still we wonder, what's behind it all.
After all, all in all.

All that we saw and knew
and all that we sew and all that we told
or in turn, were told.

And still we wonder, what's behind it all
after all, all in all

pick away the moments
that make up a life
all that's left,
empty spaces and empty words.

And still we wonder,what's behind it all
after all,
all in all.